On Track Meals is proud to offer an Australian solution for arduous duties, emergency services, disaster relief and remote catering with our range of Australian made MREs and purpose built nutritional ration packs. 

On Track Meals is a registered Australian Veteran-owned business and all our products are 100% Australian made. Our ration pack components are sourced from trusted Australian brands. 

 We are proud to supply the following organisations:

  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Queensland Rural Fire Service
  • NSW Parks
  • Australian Federal Police
  • National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre
  • Disaster Relief Australia
  • NSW State Emergency Services


An Australian veteran-owned business specialising in 3-year shelf life MREs


Capacity for bulk orders and time-critical orders with immediate dispatch from Brisbane.

Rat Pack Configuration

Various off-the-shelf rat pack configuration options, as well as special dietary requirement packs. Capacity for bespoke builds.

Snack Pack

Do you have a field kitchen or getting your main meals from elsewhere? The Snack Pack is a great choice. The Snack Pack provides snacks and brew gear to allow your staff and volunteers to fuel themselves for their shift between main meals.

12hr Shift Pack

The 12hr Shift Pack is the all-rounder for emergency services. This 12-hour pack provides sustenance for a 12 shift if you are working on a fireline, in an incident management team or in a flood boat. It provides you with everything you need until you rotate shifts.

24hr Shift Pack

The 24hr pack has been designed by NSW Rural Fire Service to provide a Ration Pack that doesn’t just sustain one person for 24 hours, but also allows for a backup in case of missed extractions or looking after patients in remote locations.

Humanitarian Pack

The Humanitarian Pack provides 24 hour sustenance for any person. This is an alternative light 24hr pack version for arduous crews.

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