Deluxe Meat Lovers Pack


Premium Range - All Day Breakfast

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Beef Bolognese

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Mild Chilli Con Carne

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Premium Range - Slow Cooked Australian Steak

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Coconut Ginger Chicken

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Tender Lamb & Pearl Barley

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The best way to get the most amount of protein and enjoy all of our meat meals together!

In this discounted pack you will receive;

1 x Australian Slow Cooked Steak

1 x All Day Breakfast

1 x Beef Bolognese

1 x Tender Lamb and Pearl Barley

1 x Mild Chilli Con Carne

1 x Coconut Ginger Chicken 

That’s 6 carnivorous meals in one discounted pack. Each meal is perfect with pasta or rice for a healthy and filling meal.

The best way to refuel yourself after adventures in the outdoors with REAL food, NOT dehydrated!

Our meals are packed fresh with real ingredients so you don’t miss out on taste. We use the special technology of retorting which vacuum seal’s and cooks ensuring that our meals taste terrific and retain their freshness over 3 years without refrigeration until opened.

Fun Facts

Heating is so easy! All you need to do is place pouch in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

Eat from the packet or add your favourite side. Perfect with pasta or rice for a healthy and filling meal.

No need to worry about refrigeration on your adventure

Real food NOT dehydrated

Too tired to cook at home? On Track Meals will be your go to check out our recipes page.

3 years shelf life from production date





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Deluxe Meat Lovers Pack
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