New Single Origin Slow Dripped Coffee 5 Pack


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Who says you can’t start your day with fresh, barista roasted coffee beans when you’re on an expedition in the great outdoors?

At On Track Meals, we can’t imagine a better way to kick start your morning! Thats why we’ve created our Gourmet Expedition Coffee filters. 5 rich, single origin PNG coffee – loaded into individual slow drip filters that pack easily in your backpack. Just add hot water, and you’re on your way to a gourmet coffee experience!

Every filter bag is hermetically sealed to keep aroma and flavour untouched for months and is fully recyclable, making sure they skip the landfill.
– 5 single servings in each pack
– 6 months best before from production date 
– Contains 11.5g of 100% ground png coffee beans


Weight .085 kg


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