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By the way, how's your adventure cooking setup?
This 360 Furno Burner and Pot Set is perfect for preparing our meals.
360 Furno Pot Set
360 Furno Pot Set
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The 360 Degrees Furno Stove is a lightweight, high-performance hiking stove. This set includes an 850ml pot and a mug/bowl that doubles as a lid. The set also includes a stabiliser for both 100g and 230g canisters, and a pot scourer, making it an easy choice for anyone seeking a good value cookset for lightweight adventures.

  • Includes Furno Pot Set, and Furno Stove
  • Hard anodised aluminium
  • Folding heat-resistant handles
  • Will house a 230g canister (without stove)
  • Comes with mesh storage bag, canister stabiliser and pot scourer
  • Does not include gas canister
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